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OK this is the POPS

but don't ever be real

4 November
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i made that.
"photography", aldous huxley, andy warhol, art movements, atheism, bauhaus, beat generation, beat movement, beatniks, beats, being a jew, being a minority, being a total prep, being another automaton, being censored, being disregarded, being disrespected, being jewish, being misrepresented, being opressed, being repressed, being wildly popular, berlin, boys don't cry, brave new world, burning from the inside, cameras, change, clerks, clothes, clueless, crying about the holocaust, crying in class, czech republic, daniel ash, david bowie, digital art, disintegration, diy, energized youths, europe, exposing myself, faith, fly, france, fuck i'm so goth, germany, giving head, hardkore atheism, head on the door, herman hesse, hiding jews, history, hot emo hair, hyaena, if you wanna be, iggy pop, in the flat field, island, jack kerouac, jesus, jews, joy division, juju, ken kesey, kevin smith, killing fetuses, krakow, laid, le tigre, love and rockets, mad world, makeup, making myself decent, making videos, mallrats, mask, modernists, mods, my lover, nineties, nineties music, on the road, oral sex, padre, paris, peter murphy, photoshop, playing harmonica, poland, pop-art, pornography, potsdam, prague, provvy, puberty films, scene belts, scene glasses, schindler's list, seventeen seconds, sex, shopping, shout, siouxsie and the banshees, siouxsie makeup, sisters of mercy, sleeping, smacking my bitch up, smoking, some other things, sonic youth, spice girls, spice world, stella, street cred, sugar ray, tagging people's notebooks, talking, tears for fears, that table at mb, thayer street, the bib, the cure, the daily show, the sky's gone out, the top, three imaginary boys, to be a jew, tones on tail, uhh siouxsie, walking around, wannabe, writing my name